The Lotus Folding Meditation Chair Review
The Lotus Folding Meditation Chair Review

The Lotus Folding Meditation Chair Review

Omlove Lotus Folding Meditation Chair

So if you are thinking of purchasing the Lotus Meditation Chair then read this quick review to help make your decision.

Firstly  I am going to list all the positives.


  1. Portable: The Lotus meditation chair is light weight, folds in half and all this can be done easily.
  2. Folds in Half: This is a big advantage compared to other models. If you don’t want something bulky and would like to bring it with you when you travel, then this is the model to go for.
  3. Carrier Handle: This model has a hand carrier handle, so when it is all folded up then you have a handy way to carrier it when leaving your class or retreat.
  4. Lightweight: Another important factor for when you are needing a portable chair, you can simply carry it wherever without the strain in your arms, either from you class to your car or during your whole journey on the tube or bus.
  5. Comfortable Seat: The chairs are made using a high density foam which will hold excessive weight without the whole cushion sinking in and feeling through to the ground.
  6. 5 Reclining Positions:  All Omlove meditation chairs come standard with 5 different reclining positions. The positions are self-locking with a simple click process, giving the user versatility.
  7. Simple to Use:  The Lotus model is very easy to use, the mechanism on the reclining positions are simple, all the chairs come with a paper instruction user guide, should you need it.
  8. Colour Choice: There are four colours to choose from in this range, which gives you plenty of options to match your retreat or wellbeing centre and for home.

Now for the things that I don’t like. We are not going to list or use the word “Negatives” as that is too much of a harsh word and also we like to keep a positive attitude at all times.

There are not to many things to say here but here are a few of my gripes:

  1. No Padded Backrest – due to the nature of the design and being portable this is not possible, however we do have the Prana model which has a padded backrest!
  2. Removable Cover  – again this is due to the nature design, however I would like to see a removable cover in the future or different cover fabric options.


All in all, If you are looking for a portable, lightweight and versatile meditation chair then I would highly recommend the Omlove Lotus Meditation chair to anyone who is looking for something with the above requirements.

I hope this helped somewhat give you a better idea or your decision to purchase the Lotus chair

Big Hugs

Erica Gomez

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