Omlove Asana Red Folding Yoga Multi Functional Meditation Cushion

Omlove Asana Red Folding Yoga Multi Functional Meditation Cushion

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  • Use it in more than 5 different sitting positions
  • Lightweight – 800grams
  • High Density Foam – you wont sink to the ground
  • Carrier Handle & Strap
  • Cotton Canvas Removable Cover


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The Omlove Asana meditation cushion is multi-functional, meaning you can use it in over 4 different positions to meditate or sit in a class or use at a retreat.

An additional smaller cushion is included to support and help find your perfect sitting position.

The cushion is made of high density foam, the best quality available meaning you will not sink in and feel the ground.

It is super lightweight and weighs around 800g! which is very useful for transporting around.

The cushion comes with a removable elastic band and carrier handle making it easy to transport.

This cushion model is designed to be wide enough for everyone no matter your size, when folded in a position to suit you.

Simply fold it in your desired position which suits your body shape and  is the most comfortable for your knees…. you will be a calm happy spirit in no time!

It comes with a rustic recycled cotton canvas fabric cover that unzips.  (any imperfections are normal due to the recycling process)

Animal Friendly Black Faux leather embossed Omlove logo patch

Weight: 800 grams

Colour: Maroon Red


Seat Width: 46cm

Seat Length: 61cm when Folded Flat

Seat Thickness: 5cm

Additional smaller cushion

Width: 45cm

Length: 20cm

Thickness: 5cm

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 17 × 47 cm


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