30 minute meditation on the beach can help lift your spirits
30 MINUTE SEASIDE MEDITATIONS A trip down to the beach,...

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A trip down to the beach, particularly with kids, can often be the opposite of peaceful. Also, if the beach is very busy with a lots of noise then it is not an ideal situation. However, if you have the opportunity to take some time alone, try head down to the beach to meditate,  you’ll be able to appreciate your alone time and connect with nature. Find a quiet spot on the beach or go early before all the peak beach goers arrive.

Try sit as close to the shore line as possible but not too close as you don’t want to get wet. If possible set aside half an hour as a minimum to feel all the benefits of being close to the ocean. Close your eyes and absorb all the sounds and sensations around you, listen to the waves breaking ahead of you, any birds squawking overhead, totally feel relaxed.

Smell the ocean air and feel the sand on your skin, if it is a sunny day then focus your attention on the sun’s rays energising your skin. The sun will boost your life force energy and give you a pick up for the rest of the day.

There is nothing better than a 30 minute meditation while listening to wonderful ocean. Oooh Bliss.


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