5 Of The Best Breathing Apps Android & IOS

Today we are going to look at 5 of the best breathing apps available for Android and IOS mobiles.

1.Paced Breathing

Paced Breathing is great as it helps you improve your breathing by giving you useful visual, handy audio sounds, and haptic (vibration) breathing cues on the app.

This isn’t just useful for yoga and meditation, but intense exercise and breathe training too.

All you need to do is choose your  starting point and start improving your breathing!

The apps useful Features:
* Adjustable Session Times (inhale, exhale)
* Ramping Times Up or Down
* Visual, Audio, and Haptic Cues
* Custom Breathing Profiles
* Various sound choices
* Breathes Per Minute (BPM) Tracker

Download here

Omlove rating 5/5



Follow the guide to help control your breathing.

A simple peaceful focal point to assist you to steady your breathing.

Breathe is offered free, with no ads and no hidden features.

Download here

Omlove rating 4/5


3.Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy is the easiest way to meditate and relax. Just follow the circle and match it with your breathe.

– Option to choose custom time frames.
– Select between a circle, square, triangle, or heart in various colours
– Choose a black or white background theme

– Stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Download here

Omlove rating 3/5


5.Breathe Ball

Breathe Ball is app that provides 3 different breathing exercises based on scientific research and can help aid with stress and anxiety, lower high blood pressure.

3 different exercises for 3 use cases:

  • The cardiac coherence breathing exercise to reduce stress and anxiety.
  •  Slow paced breathing is an exercise for to target high blood pressure).
  • Dr. Andrew Weil’s famous 4:7:8 breathing technique is used for helping sleep disorders.

They all come with a quick tutorial and are useful yoga and pranayama teachers.

Download here

Omlove rating 4/5


4.Awesome Breathing

Awesome Breathing is another great app, it is simple to use, handy tool guides and visualisations. I can be used daily to for meditation, sleep, stress, anxiety, or to bring some calm to your day when needed.


  • Clean and simple interface

• Customize your inhale and exhale time periods

• Various programs included like Relaxing Breathing, Measured Breathing, and Triangle Breathing to name a few.

• Sessions can be custom timed or free

• Optional  countdowns to begin

• Pick from various color themes

• Optional guided vices

• Vibration mode when using a silent breathing session

• optional sound  to signal the beginning and end of your session

Download here

Omlove rating 4/5



I hope the various apps shown above will help you make a decision when looking for a specific breathing app to help aid your meditation practise or for simple breathing exercises.

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