Meditation Chairs
Omlove sells a variety of high quality meditation chairs for indoor and outdoor use, chairs that fold in half or fold flat for storage. Omlove chairs are comfortable, lightweight and sturdy.
Yoga Products
Omlove also believes in the benefit of yoga, we are beginning our yoga journey with a range of yoga mats, yoga bags and other yoga products coming in the near future as we look to expand.
Excellent Service
Omlove aims to ensure all our customers are happy and satisfied with their products, we aim to provide excellent service to ensure our customers get the best value for money.
About Omlove
Om is the universal cosmic sound or vibration that celebrates the creative powers of the universe. Love is the divine universal energy that binds the whole of creation. Put them together and you get Omlove a brand who supports and encourages the scientific art of meditation.
My name is Andy Robertson the founder of Omlove Meditation Chairs. My vision is to create a range of products to help everyone on their spiritual path and meditation journey. I believe in the importance of daily meditation for improved self development & general well being. Happy Meditations.