The affordable Asana Meditation Cushion for any budget
The affordable Asana Meditation Cushion for any budget

The affordable Asana Meditation Cushion for any budget

Omlove Asana Meditation Cushion

Firstly if you are just starting out on your meditation journey, then you know it is not that simple. You want to make your meditation experience the most pleasant for you, sitting on a hard floor surface is not the most comfortable thing to do. This is why there are a variety of benches, cushions and meditation chairs on the market to help with this issue.

Hello, Omlove ASANA meditation cushion! This cushion is a beauty and let me tell you why.

It is crafted using quality materials and this fine meditation cushion is used by thousands of people in retreats, meditation centers, hospitals, companies, schools and homes across Europe. Why use a meditation cushion instead of a pillow and the answer is COMFORT!
It also gives you the correct posture and encourages proper spine and pelvic alignment which can also help you to breathe more deeply. The Asana cushion provides support for your ankles and knees when using both the main cushion along with the smaller cushion together. This allows you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time BUT the main benefit in this cushion is, you can customise your sitting position in one of the many positions available from maximum comfort that suits your body shape and sitting preference.

 This cushion was purposely designed, paying close attention to every detail for different body shapes and the various sitting preferences. You can choose the Asana cushion with confidence by knowing it is used by the many experienced meditators in homes, wellbeing centers and retreats across the United Kingdom and Europe.


These are the key benefits to using the Asana meditation cushion:

  1. Portable – with its handy carrier handle and elasticated strap you can easily carry it around with you when transported.
  2. Lightweight – it weighs about 700 grams in total and does not cause any strain on the arms when carrying it around.
  3. Versatile – can be used in many different sitting positions to suit your needs
  4. Quality – it is designed using the best quality high density foam cushion, meaning you will not sink into the ground and feel the floor.
  5. Affordable – the Asana meditation cushion is available at an affordable cost and is great value for money.

If you like what you have read about the wonderful Asana meditation then click on the link below for full details.

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