Be guided by Higher Widsom

Be guided by Higher Widsom

A short article on being guided by higher wisdom.

Human reason is based on sense experience and is limited by it. If the sense experience is misinterpreted, the human reason proves to be erroneous. A person beholding a cloud of dust on a hill from a distance might be led to think that the hill is on fire and emanating a cloud of smoke. This shows how reason, which is dependent on sense experience, can blunder if sensory experience or observation is faulty or incomplete. On the other hand, even as God knows the truth about all things through His omnipresent intuition, so His devotees also know everything through their developed intuition. God has no eyes, nor senses, nor reason dependent on the senses through which He knows. He is the Knower, the process of knowing, and the wisdom to be known. Hence he knows everything through His intuition or feeling present in everything.

Jesus urges his disciples to depend on the unlimited power and guidance of intuitive God-perception and not on their limited reason when they are confronted with persecutions or human problems. So He said, “O my dear ones, when for the sake of preaching my all-emancipating truth you are delivered before the governors, do not plan how or what you will speak in defense of your truth and yourself, for God and Cosmic Vibration will speak through your voice and reason (being present with you) instantaneously in that same hour in which you will be required to speak.

Sit in meditation and ask a question you want an answer too in your mind and let the answer come to you through your intuition. The more you practice the more easier it becomes.


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