A guide on how to meditate the right way
Meditation In 5 Easy Steps
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One of the first requisites for meditation is correct posture. The spine should be erect. When the meditator is seeking to direct his mind and life force energy upward through the spine to the centers of higher consciousness in the brain, he should avoid stricture or pinching of the spinal nerves caused by improper posture.
Abdomen in, Chest out
Shoulders back, chin parallel to the Ground
Hands with palms up resting on legs
With the eye lids half or completely closed, look slightly upwards and focusing the gaze at the point between the eyebrows. Do not strain them or cross the eyes at this point, allow the eyes to feel this point naturally.
Slightly Upwards
Between the eyebrows
Relaxed and natural gaze
Ensure you are relaxed and in a comfortable position. If the correct posture has been assumed in previous steps, the body will be stable yet relaxed, so that it is easily possible to remain completely still, without moving a muscle.
Relax your body
Get comfortable
Keep completely still
When you are established in the meditation pose, inhale slowly and deeply through the nostrils to the count of 20. Hold the breathe to a count of 20 then exhale to the count of 20 slowly from the mouth. Do this 20:20:20 set around 6 to 12 times. Start on 10:10:10 if this is too long for you and work towards 20:20:20 as your goal.
Inhale Slowly & Deeply
Hold the Breathe
Exhale Slowly from the Mouth
One of the most helpful ways to keep the mind distracted is to repeat a short mantra or pray silently in your mind if you are a beginner. Over time when you have mastered the goal of shutting out random thoughts, then you can stop this and enjoy the still mind.
Repeat a mantra or prayer
Shut out random thoughts
Enjoy the bliss of a still mind