Keeping Life Simple is the Key to Happiness
Keeping Life Simple is the Key to Happiness

Keeping Life Simple is the Key to Happiness

Simplicity is Key

To live a simple life does not mean to live in poverty or being poor. It is not the opposite of being rich. To live simply is to pursue a life path of moderation and leading a life of balance lies inner happiness.
The art of true living is to have peace within yourself and with the world among you, accepting whatever comes your way, and to be content with wealth or what life has given you.
Happiness is our true state of being. Unfortunately very small portion of society actually find it, the vast majority live at their surface; they extend themselves as far as possible from their happiness within.
The truth is, the wealthier and more powerful one becomes, the emptier you feel inwardly.
The desire for happiness is more often missed than fulfilled.  If more people decided to search for happiness in the right place then more would find it.
People look everywhere else in their search for happiness outside themselves, only to discover in the end that they’ve been seeking it in material objects and from others.

Happiness requires making a great effort to reduce your desires and needs, always trying to smile, both outwardly and inwardly no matter what the day brings whether even if it were a bad situation.

If you can make an effort to find happiness more in your mind and less in wanting material things then you will be on the right track. Aim to be so happy in your mind that no matter what occurs each day could affect you and make you unhappy. Be happy knowing you have found the perfect way to never be negative. Know, too, that you will never again become so materially minded that you forget your inner happiness, even if you become extremely wealthy.

Keep your mind simple and calm with daily meditation and this will reflect positively in your life.

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