The Benefits of Reducing Stress By Practising 5 Minutes Of Meditation.
The Benefits of Reducing Stress By Practising 5 Minutes Of Meditation.

The Benefits of Reducing Stress By Practising 5 Minutes Of Meditation.


In just five minutes a day,  you could alter how you handle stress in a powerful way! This can be done with meditation many people think meditation is not for them today.

Let me tell you to think again. With just five minute of your time, this practice inspired by the ancient Indian Yogis can dramatically reduce stress as many recent studies have shown. There are many who have developed the secular version of meditation to combat stress called mindfulness meditation.  The guiding principle is training your brain to stop focusing on past traumas or future stresses but to focus on the now.

A technique so simple, by taking a few minutes each day to concentrate on the breath and being aware of the sensations that are rising in the body which meditators call a mental body scan. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety and plenty of scientific researchers are backing this up.  Study reveals meditation does actually moderate your body’s production of stress so you feel better under pressure. This comes with even more tangible health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety and depression over time.

It’s easy to get started, all you need is five minutes each day. Yes, there are many who are sceptical and compare it some new age crazy religious practice.  One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is this idea that you need to be a Buddhist monk or someone following an eastern spiritual tradition.





The biggest bonus It is completely free and anyone can do it.  The only thing it requires is dedication and motivation each day to give it your 100% effort to reap the benefits.
You just need to pay attention in the present moment and be aware of your thoughts and feelings. This mindfulness will give you more clarity and presence in your life.
After a long day of work you will feel more energised and have more purpose, instead of feeling exhausted.  Many people who let the momentum of the day and their worries about daily tasks get the better of themselves.
My advice is try meditation, stick to it and reap the rewards.
Have a good day


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