The Benefits of Reducing Stress By Practising 5 Minutes Of Meditation.
JUST 5 MINUTES A DAY! In just five minutes a day,  you could alter how you handle stress in a powerful way! This can be done with meditation,  many people think meditation is not for them today. Let me tell you to think again. With just five minute of your time, this practice inspired by the ancient Indian Yogis can dramatically reduce stress as many recent studies have shown. There are many who have developed the secular version of meditation to combat stress called mindfulness meditation.  The guiding principle is training your brain to stop focusing on past traumas or future [...]
Wonderful 5 minute Om Calming Meditation For Anti-Anxiety
GET CALM | GET RELAXED | GET BETTER | NO ANXIETY This Wonderful 5 minute Om Calming Meditation was created for those who need a short calming session when feeling anxious. Simply grab a pair of headphones or earphones, sit down in a comfortable position. Take slow yet fairly deep breathes, deep enough so that it is comfortable on your lungs and chest. Focus on your breathing and start to feel the calm set in. Once you feel more calm and relaxed then you can focus your concentration on the point between the eyebrows. Keep your focus on this point [...]
Be guided by Higher Widsom
Be guided by Higher Widsom A short article on being guided by higher wisdom. Human reason is based on sense experience and is limited by it. If the sense experience is misinterpreted, the human reason proves to be erroneous. A person beholding a cloud of dust on a hill from a distance might be led to think that the hill is on fire and emanating a cloud of smoke. This shows how reason, which is dependent on sense experience, can blunder if sensory experience or observation is faulty or incomplete. On the other hand, even as God knows the truth [...]
30 minute meditation on the beach can help lift your spirits
30 MINUTE SEASIDE MEDITATIONS A trip down to the beach, particularly with kids, can often be the opposite of peaceful. Also, if the beach is very busy with a lots of noise then it is not an ideal situation. However, if you have the opportunity to take some time alone, try head down to the beach to meditate,  you'll be able to appreciate your alone time and connect with nature. Find a quiet spot on the beach or go early before all the peak beach goers arrive. Try sit as close to the shore line as possible but not too [...]
The importance of Kindness
The importance of Kindness The text below are snippets taken from Parahamsa Yogananda's book "How to be Happy all the time" regarding kindness. It so important to be aware of our actions and to constantly try to be kind in all situations we find ourselves in. In order to be kind, it is not necessary to agree about everything. If you disagree, always remain calm and courteous. It is human weakness to get angry and scold, but it is divine strength to hold the reins of your temper and speech. No matter what provokes you, behave yourself. By calm silence, [...]