The importance of Kindness
The importance of Kindness

The importance of Kindness

The importance of Kindness

The text below are snippets taken from Parahamsa Yogananda’s book “How to be Happy all the time” regarding kindness. It so important to be aware of our actions and to constantly try to be kind in all situations we find ourselves in.

In order to be kind, it is not necessary to agree about everything. If you disagree, always remain
calm and courteous. It is human weakness to get angry and scold, but it is divine strength to hold the
reins of your temper and speech. No matter what provokes you, behave yourself. By calm silence, or
by genuine kind words, show that your kindness is more powerful than the other person’s ugliness.
Before the mellow light of your forgiveness, all the gathered hatred of your enemies will melt away.

If you are suffering from the indigestion of unkindness or crabbiness, drink the medicine of
sweetness. If you make up your mind to change, start by speaking sincere, kind words to those to
whom you have been unjustly harsh. First, be courteous to your immediate relatives. When you can do
that, you will be habitually kind to all people. Happiness has its foundation on the altar of
understanding and kind words..

Unkind words are ruthless murderers of lifelong friendships and the harmony of homes. Banish
unkind words from your lips forever, and make your home life safe from trouble. Sincere, sweet
words are nectar to thirsty souls. They are in demand everywhere. Sweet words create happiness in
friends, enemies, churches, business offices, and everywhere. People feel happy when a crabby
person leaves the room, and they are glad when a sweet-voiced, sincere friend appears




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